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Stress Testing           
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Test Force has developed the knowledge and discipline to work with most automated test tools that are so critical to the success of your testing efforts. We will install your tool of choice, train your staff and support your automation effort so that you receive the benefits of automation:
  • Achieving Full Test Coverage
  • Time and Cost Saving on Regression Testing
  • Central Repository for all Test Assets
  • Programming Capabilities and Reusability
  • Advanced Reporting and Metrics

Effective Automation

In order to use automation tools efficiently, you need expertise not only with the tool itself, but knowing when and what to automate. We will work with you every step of the way from the business analysis phase, to the automation of test cases and execution of automated scripts. Then you'll see how quickly a test plan can be executed for each new build, and how easy it is to report pass/fail statistics because results are tracked automatically.


Traditionally, automation and even stress testing have been options in the development and quality assurance efforts. Given the fact that an unlimited number of users can visit your web site at any time, stress testing is no longer an option, but a requirement. To implement stress testing correctly, not only is technical expertise required to monitor servers and networks during the test, but the BA, Development and QA teams must all work together to set realistic goals and setup the stress environment.