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The true success of Software Development is determined by the level of Business Community satisfaction. In order to guarantee this success, the software must be installed in your Client's Environment and thoroughly tested.

Test Force's experience has found that generally the Client does not have the resources or the expertise to conduct effective quality assurance and testing procedures, in the timeframe required to implement new Software. Lack of effective and thorough Implementation Testing can produce an improper or negative perception of your product. We believe that testing your product with its final customization, in the Client's environment, is essential to demonstrate your Software's quality and reliability.

Test Force Corporation is a professional Quality Assurance and Testing firm with experienced QA Engineers. We have developed testing expertise for all platforms, including website testing and monitoring. Test Force has provided our services to many Fortune 1000 Companies in the financial, insurance, banking, entertainment, transportation, technology and e-Business industries.

Our Certification Process

Test Force Quality Assurance Engineers will develop an approved set of Foundation Test Cases and Scripts that address the core functionality of the Software. This is a "one-time", effort on which you will provide the final approval. This core group of Foundation Test Cases can then be utilized for all your Clients who purchase your Software.

Our QA experts will then study the Business Specifications and Customizations required by your Client. The core Test Cases and Scripts will then be customized to meet the Client's Requirements.

Our Analysts will work at your Client's site to test the Customized Software as it is implemented into the Client's Environment. We will coordinate our efforts with the Client's resources to obtain Test Data and access to the system.

Once we have verified the environment and the software installation, the Customized Test Cases and Scripts will be executed. We will use Matrices, Graphs and Charts to map our progress and the overall quality of the Software. Defects and/or issues will be immediately communicated either to the Developers or to the Client's IT resources as needed.

Our work and progress will be reported to the Client and to you in the form of:
  • Project Plan
  • Quality Assurance Test Plan
  • Matrix of Test Cases and Scripts
  • Matrix of Test Data
  • Daily Matrix of Test Case/Script Execution
  • Daily Test Execution Results
  • Defect Tracking Log
  • Certified Final Test Results Document
The Certified Final Test Results Document will outline all the required Test Criteria and identify all the Test Results and include:

  • Deviation from Process
  • Open Defect Items
  • Charts and Graphs on the Daily Test Results
  • Approval and Signoff by designated Managers
The Testing and Implementation at your Clients’ sites must be as seamless and productive as possible. This will create a positive and lasting impression on your Clients and their Business Communities. By forming an alliance with Test Force Corporation, you can provide independent, professional Quality Assurance and Testing Services to your Clients for their Software Implementations. This alliance will produce benefits for you and your Clients as well.

Benefits to Your Clients
  • A complete and independent Quality Assurance and Testing Service based on your Client’s Software Implementation Requirements.
  • A value-added, essential Testing Procedure that will not disrupt your Clients’ ongoing IT efforts, nor force a diversion of their resources to test a new Implementation.
  • A Certified Testing effort based on your Client’s customization of your product and their environment.
  • Time reduction and Economies for Implementation, due to the knowledge of your product and a foundation of test case’s already completed.
  • Immersion Training provided to your Client’s resources.

Benefits to You
  • We will produce a foundation of Test Cases and Scripts that can not only test the initial Implementation, but can be utilized for future Upgrades and Releases.
  • Our thorough understanding of your software product will provide a value-added Installation and Testing process to your Clients.
  • Testing will demonstrate your software’s capabilities to the Client. By doing so, it will illustrate your commitment to your post sale relationship and pride in your product.

Some Parting Thoughts

Test Force Corporation is committed to forming alliances with selected Software Vendors/Integrators to install, test and, where possible, recommend their products. We believe that our expertise in Client Management, Software Implementation, Quality Assurance and Testing are the key components necessary for complete Customer satisfaction. Let Test Force help you bring a customized, Certified Implementation to your Clients. Knowing that your Testing and Implementation efforts are in the hands of professionals will bring peace of mind to both you and your Clients.