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WHAT WE DO                                                                                                                   Did you know?

Test Force provides superior Development and Quality Assurance Services to Fortune 500 Companies in the financial, banking, insurance and entertainment industries. Whether your technology structure is mainframe, client server or web, or a combination of all three, Test Force can help make your operations more efficient and more productive.

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We make it our business to know your business. Test Force can customize and implement a full e-Commerce Solution on your behalf. By partnering with you, we will analyze your web requirements, build your Team and help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your immediate and long term development and quality assurance needs. We can be your single point of contact for any project, giving you greater control and allowing you to monitor all project activity effectively.

Using our Solution oriented approach, we will build a Team of professionals to fill positions that range from Project Managers and Developers, to Senior QA Analysts and Test Executors. All of our Team Members take part in a formal Test Force Training Program where they learn RAD Development and QA Methodology Practices and Procedures. Our formal Training Program and our practice of hiring industry professionals greatly enhances our ability to serve you. With Test Force, Your Team will "hit the ground running" and be productive from day one.

We also partner with software development firms and integrators to perform Quality Assurance services. Such firms benefit from an alliance with Test Force Corporation since we can:
  • Provide an entire QA and Testing Solution for Software Releases on a Project Basis
  • Augment current Quality Assurance staffs by providing qualified resources as needed
  • Function as an Independent Testing Resource for implementation at your Client's site
We will certify the performance and functionality of your Software, which will help bring your Projects in "on time" and "within budget". See Partnerships for more information.

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Are you searching for a consultant or full time employee with a specific skill-set? Let Test Force find that person for you. We offer our clients that choice of staffing with consultants, employees or right to hire. All potential candidates are required to pass our rigorous testing and interview process. We select only those candidates who are industry experts, with the ability to apply technology to fill your business needs.

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e-Commerce is a booming business and many Companies are looking to streamline their Practices. At Test Force, we have hands-on experience in customizing Methodology and implementing Processes for both RAD Development and Quality Assurance. Our proven Practices in software development and quality assurance dovetail seamlessly, creating an environment of teamwork and open communication. We will work with your key people to establish the guidelines, streamline the process and create a methodology that is tailored to fit your development and quality assurance culture. We will also train and mentor your staff in development and quality assurance best practices and procedures. When we join your staff, we become one team with you. When our engagement reaches its conclusion, your team will have the expertise to move forward with confidence.

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Are you looking to Automate your Quality Assurance Testing? You can save time and money by using automation tools in your Quality Assurance Practices, and we can show you how. We are experts with Rational and Mercury tools, and we will train your staff during our engagement. Stress and Performance Testing are no longer optional in the Quality Assurance effort. Since a very large number of users can visit your website at any time, automated Stress and Performance Testing can simulate the number of hits and measure your site's performance. This type of Testing is no longer an option, but an essential part of your QA Process. Let us build an Automation Team for you. With our experience, we will select only the most proficient Automation Engineers to work on your website.

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Test Force Management and Staff will work closely with you to obtain a complete understanding of your Company's requirements and goals. We know the web, we know your business, we know technology, and we know how to put it all together to help you produce software that is second to none. At Test Force, we put Quality in Quality Assurance, and remember that our only goal is to help you succeed.
For more information on how Test Force can help you, click on one of the links above, or call us Monday through Friday at (212) 819-9020 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EDT.

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